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Why Buy D K Kansal's Textbook of Applied Measurement, Evaluation & Sports Selection

If one of the main problems holding you back from your sports talent excellence, healthy, fit, lean belly and/or wellness you've always wanted, is your inability to plan regular exercise, healthy meals and stick to them regularly, then this book will give you endless ideas, methods of  measurement, evaluation and cues of right selections and 

decisions. Inside you'll discover:

  • How to make behavior changes for your specific personal problems.
  • How to predict the adult height of your child at the age of 8,9,10 years.
  • How to know which is the best sport for a specific child.
  • How to select the best team members for a particular sport as per its scientific sport requirements.
  • How to test your Physique.
  • What is ‘3S’ Fitness literacy, How to measure your and others’ Strength, Stamina & Suppleness(Flexibility).
  • How to measure your food requirements and eat healthy for your specific body type.
  • What are Serving Size measures to plan your meals.
  • How can you easily remember the meanings of  holistic education, personality, personality development with the help of easy acronyms.
  • How to remain healthy, fit and well and how to keep track (measure) your health, fitness and wellness.
  • How to find your BMI (Body Mass Index).
  • How to find your disease risks.

Textbook of Applied Measurement, Evaluation and Sports Selection  - Dr. D K Kansal

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This book is a prescribed textbook for B.P.Ed. & M.P.Ed. Students, and also highly recommended for B.Ed. and M.Ed. Students, School and College Teachers, Coaches and Sports Persons.


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Praise for the book
Dr Kansal's book illustrates all types of measurement tests applicable in physical fitness, health, and well-being. This book would be an important tool in the hands of all sports-loving individuals and institutions and an authentic reference material for application of valid methodology in sports training methods.

Shri. Laxman Singh Ranawat, Executive Director (Academics),

Sports Authority of India, NSNIS, Patiala


Devinder Kumar Kansal has contributed a very useful textbook of valid methodology for tests and evaluation by writing this most simple and useable textbook  for students and resource book for teachers, coaches, educational administrators, fitness and health club managers.

Prof. R. Thirumalsaisamy, Vice-Chancellor,

Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University, Chennai


The book written by Dr Devinder Kumar Kansal on Measurement and Evaluation offers matchless, exhaustive instruction in measurement and evaluation techniques. . . . This simple and scientific book on test, measurement and evaluation providing practical procedures will promote scientific approach among coaches, physical education teachers and the sports persons. 

Prof. S. K. Verma, Head, Deptt. of Sports Sciences,

Dean, Faculty of Medicine, and Dean, Research, Punjabi University, Patiala


At a time when all Indians are passionately interested to work for a glorious performance of the country in the forthcoming commonwealth games to be held in October, 2010 in Delhi, Dr Devinder Kansal’s book may be used to energize their hopes by using the scientific methodology and other recommendations contained in the book. This book could be an indispensable resource for the preparations of all inter-varsity, national and international competitions and for the training of their participants.

Dr Gurdeep Singh, Member Secretary (Sports),

Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Delhi


I have never known any Indian teacher in physical education and sports who has generated such an overwhelming positive material in practical application of measurement and evaluation skills . . . . I think anyone reading this book will quickly understand the concept and methodology of test, measurement and statistics needed to evaluate sports and fitness performance.

Dr G. V. Pargaonkar, Principal,

BPCA’s College of Physical Education, Mumbai
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