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SSS Publications would be happy to work in collaboration with foreign publishers or publish projects which have been published outside India but are of relevance to the Indian reader and market.  


Interested publishers / authors may write to us at:


Authors / Editors

SSS Publications welcomes unsolicited manuscripts / proposals from authors / editors / institutes / societies for publication of textbooks / critical books / conference proceedings / monographs, etc. We provide an ideal platform for both the established as well as new authors / editors to bring out best quality books with international standards in typesetting, designing, printing and binding.


Authors / editors, if you are interested in getting your manuscripts published by us, you may send to us the details of your proposed manuscripts. We publish academic (textbooks, reference and critical books) as well as non-academic (general interest) books on Sports Science, Physical Education, Health & Wellness, Spiritual Science, Cinema, Culture and Literature.


Why publish with us:

  • The copyright of the work remains with authors/contributors/editors;
  •  We offer 5% royalty on sales to authors/editors. 
  •  We supply a number of complimentary copies (Authors: 15 copies + 5 Review copies; Editors: 5 copies + 5 Review copies; Contributors: 1 copy);
  •  We offer 40% trade discount on any purchases from our press to authors/editors;
  • No charge or fees for reproduction permissions;
  • Our publishing process is fast but keeping the quality checked to an international level between first submission of your manuscript and the time the book gets into print;
  • We have a peer review process in place for edited collections; and
  • We charge authors/editors a minimum subsidy towards the production processes under our Author-Publisher Partnership Programme. Remember that these costs with some other publishers in India and abroad can be quite high and that too without keeping the production standards.

 The following guidelines provide direction for writing and submitting your proposal for reviewing and publishing purposes.

 Proposal Submission Guidelines:

  • Author: a brief biographical note on the author (about 150 words), full contact details (postal address, institutional address, phone, fax and e-mail).
  • Project Overview: a synopsis of the project (about 200 words);
  • Market Background: a 300-word outline of the book’s projected readership, and any special factors that need to be taken into account (competing works, relevance to educational courses and so on); and
  • Format: a total word count, artwork and design, figures, tables, graphics, cartoons, photographs, etc.
  • Schedule: first draft, the final manuscript, and date of release

 Submit your complete proposals to:

Editor-in-Chief, Sports Science, Physical Education, Health & Wellness,

Spiritual Science, Lifestyle and general interest books:

Editor-in-Chief, Cinema, Culture and Literature:


We have a small but dedicated editorial staff at SSS Publications that receives a lot of proposals / submissions and we usually reply within four weeks; if we are taking longer, please give us a reminder e-mail.

Manuscript submission guidelines

Please do not send extensive material such as an entire manuscript unless accepted. Once your proposal is accepted, we prefer authors/editors to supply the whole manuscript (hard copy as well as a CD) typed in MS Word (with numbered pages), double-spaced, endnotes, bibliography and appendixes on A4 size pages.


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